Silvanas Shootout took place in Uddevalla and Göteborg. The idea is to show kids that even famous artists as Silvana Imam play sports. During one minute, while the DJ played a song, the contestant got to shoot from various spots located on the court in order to gather points. The event was curated by Tony Lorenzi, logo by Johanna Burai, photos by Anton James Olsson and Hanna Ferm.

In 2012 the rap group Looptroop Rockers celebrated 20 years as a band and this anniversary-exhibition was arranged in their hometown Västerås to honor them.
In the video section you will find a short documentary of the exhibition created for those who were not able to visit it.
The video below shows the notorious graffitiartist NUG doing a piece with his signature-style which was featured in the exhibition as an homage to Looptroop Rockers.

Three writers were challenged to do a regular graffiti-piece each over canvases. They were only allowed to use shades of grey, black and white. Hence the name (Svartvitt means Black and white in Swedish).
After doing the pieces, the canvases were taken down and exhibited in a gallery (Temporart).
The idea was to question whether graffiti is interesting without the colors that the average Joe speak so highly about, if it is interesting on canvas, if it is suitable to portray graffiti within the white cube and if pieces of an entity can function on their own.
It was also ment to portray a close up of the used technique and give the same average Joe who loves colors a glimpse of how a piece is created.

On the 17th of October a pop-up exhibition namned ”Raised By Jay was shown in Williamsburg, New York City.
The exhibition was a celebration to hip hop as a culture by using one of the best rappers of all time as a metaphor.
In short, the exhibition consisted of 9 large original photos which had been edited to give the observer a feeling of the artists presence.
This exhibition was later presented in Oslo as well as in Trondheim (Norway).
Go to the video-section for a longer documentation of the exhibition. Article:

An advertising campaign focused on the area Bjurhovda in Västerås in hope of encouraging people to vote in the Swedish election in 2014.

Här Får Man was (in short) a project with the focus on providing graffiti-writers with legal possibilities and opportunities (exhibitions, workshops, wall design, legal walls etc).